Work with Google and earn some cash while helping IPython

Google's Summer of Code program offers $4500 to students who successfully complete a contribution to an OpenSource project, and the Python Software Foundation is one of the participating organizations.  All currently proposed Python projects for the Summer of Code are listed here.

I've added one such project to work on IPython, whose abstract follows:

This project aims to develop a file format and interactive support for documents which can combine Python code with rich text and embedded graphics. The initial requirements only aim at being able to edit such documents with a normal programming editor, with final rendering to PDF or HTML being done by calling an external program (to be written by the students).

The editing component would have to be integrated with IPython [WWW], so that while not rendered in final hardcopy format, the notebooks can still be used in a truly interactive fashion.

Applying to the Summer of Code

Google provides a a participant FAQ for you, and you can apply today.

If you are interested and can meet the qualification terms,  please download this pdf document with more details, which you can use as part of your application materials.

If you decide to apply, don't forget to indicate that I (Fernando Perez, IPython lead) am willing to mentor you during the project.

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